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Hi, I'm Istvan Bujdoso

We help beginner and aspiring entrepreneurs to get leads and sales online.

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Online Courses

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Hi, my name is Istvan, and welcome to our “universe”. 🙃

You’re about to be a part of an elite group of freedom-minded solopreneurs and entrepreneurs.

We do NOT settle for ‘normal’, ‘regular’, or ‘conventional’.

And we completely REJECT even the idea of any restrictions.

We do NOT have intentions to grow a ‘traditional’ company.

The TRUTH is, our driving force is very different…

We have a burning 🔥 DESIRE to be free and live the extraordinary life we want.

And have a special business that genuinely and ethically helps others while supporting our FREEDOM lifestyle.

But as we fight against ‘traditional’, big companies, with virtually unlimited resources…

...the way we do things, gotta be different.

What we lack in resources, we gotta make up for with creative and smart resourcefulness. 💡

On this site, my goal is to show entrepreneurs like you the BEST ways to do that.

And to share with you the best golden nuggets I found, learned, and earned throughout my over a decade-long marketing and business journey.


Here, we do NOT ❌ believe in the "get-rich-quick" B.S. and…

...we do NOT believe in "magic buttons" that create results WITHOUT any work.

If there would be, I’d give it to you… BUT there’s NONE.

✅ What we TRULY believe is…

...success comes from consistent learning, growing, and HARD work.

If you’re like us...

...and want to learn and grow…

…and willing to do the HARD work…

…then you'll LOVE it here. 😃

Thank you,
Istvan Bujdoso

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